Bencb has the time of his life playing a $0,01/$0,02 cash game while running deep in a $25,000 Buy-In tournament!

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27 Replies to “$0.01/$0.02 Cash Game with Bencb + $25,000 deep run! | Twitch Poker Highlights”

  1. 3 team pros made it to ft wcoop while they were all streaming what are the chances Ben hmm really tell me what are the fucking chances u clowns

  2. Do u know how in such a game with so much variance 3 players of pokerstars team made it all to final tables in wcoop? Lex is not that great but he made it easy with aces not so great but he made it spraggy made it too all team pokerstars to ft wcoops and they were all streaming wow isn't that amazing? What if they are not monsters they stream and they are team pros right? Isn't it nice when everyone on the table get KK vs Qq and they get eliminated but u guys just have a nice little sale and you make the nuts and u hold? So good pros I wonder what it takes to be a pro oh yeah avoid KK vs Qq make the nuts and hold and get there ok noted

  3. Hey Ben I'm a new player and in my second session so far I haven't been able to play AA they all fold I got to play one KK but I lost from a 3 outter when I have the nuts no one wants to play. I play for hours and the action is so bad I have AK and it's like it's useless do you have ANY IDEA why this is happening? Because I ve watched the video and it looks like you try to pass a false image. Can u make a live video playing not you with your name some of your students maybe for a couple of hours and I really want to see this action. What do u think Ben we can all laugh with so much action and people calling down with nothing but J high right? It will be good for the Jewish company and your channel

  4. Can u have the decency to delete this video? Your laugh is obnoxious first of all while I play these stakes and the action is nothing but what u show right here you make people have falce beliefs is this marketing that's what u do?

    U wanna know the action on nl2 pokerstars? They give 0 action you are up against monsters most of the time a 4 bet is always Kk+ u miss like 90%of boards 0 action 0 action I don't know why this German here is laughing trying to show that calls with j high is what u get. Delete the video idiot it's embarrassing

  5. Hallo Ben. Wenn du die Zeit hast, würdest du auch mal zum Spaß an einem regülären NL2 Tisch spielen? Würd mich wirklich brennend intressieren. Ansonsten tolles Video. Schade daß es für NL2 so wenig Content gibt, wobei grade dieses Level für die Pokerwelt so wichtig ist, kommen doch hier viele Nachwuchsspieler für die oberen Levels. Viele Grüße

  6. Ben u are a fking boss! Love the content as usual! Oh also did you read what i said in another vid about maybe making a video just on over betting?

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