Tom Vasel presents 10 games better than Poker!

00:00 – Introduction
01:28 – #1
02:10 – #2
02:39 – #3
03:10 – #4
03:35 – #5
04:13 – #6
04:49 – #7
05:33 – #8
05:53 – #9
06:27 – #10


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29 Replies to “10 Games Better Than Poker – with Tom Vasel”

  1. I wouldn't say poker needs to be played for money, necessarily, but there does need to be some sort of incentive to play it well. With nothing to win or lose, you would just call every bet.

  2. Technology has probably ruined poker. Wondering if there is anything out there still untainted, with a similar aspects of competition, strategic decision making, psychology, luck etc. Poker is so great but online it's been overtaken by solvers bots and AI.

  3. you don´t really compare these games with poker do you?! cause they can´t be compared. and saying these games shall be better than poker that´s ridiculous haha

  4. These are some pretty great games ( I especially love No Thanks! and Welcome to the Dungeon), but No Limit Texas Hold Em in a well structured tournament format is superior to every game on this list. It's not just a game of luck and bluffing…
    "It's a skill game Jo"

    Not to mention, Wil Wheaton's TableTop probably wouldn't exist if televised poker hadn't preceded it.

  5. Android: Netrunner must be on this list. It creates excitement and agonizing decisions of high-stakes game without ever needing money and does so much more than just that.

  6. "What do you do if you have no money!" – I think the review copies are getting to your head, Tom. You can't buy board games until you win some of that money back.

  7. Perudo is the best version of Liars Dice. I like introducing poker fans to Stockpile. Its not so close where they say "I'd rather play poker" but I tell them they will do better if they are able to read people and figure out the motive behind their actions

  8. This may seem odd, but how about Shadows Over Camelot? Several quests utilize actual poker hands, and if you're the traitor, you're bluffing the whole game 🙂

  9. It's not that there has to be money on the line, but there has to be some tangible consequence to reduce the amount of reckless abandon during play. If you are constantly taking risks beyond what is considered normal ( like going all in with junk hands on a regular basis), we might as well just deal the cards face up a few times to see who wins. Saves a lot of time.

    Let's use your liars poker as an example. I bid 8 3's on my first bid EVERY GAME! Maybe i win, maybe i lose. Regardless , i just ruined the fun of playing. With money at risk, I'm not going to take those chances unless i think it's worth it.

  10. Okay, you are no longer picking the low hanging fruit. BGG only has 824 games better than poker, but I wonder how ,many of them involve gambling.

  11. Three Dragon Ante. It has a similar feel to poker, but I like much better. The remake Emperor's Gambit is also good. I personally prefer the original, but it's harder to find. (Though the original has one of the dumbest game box designs ever. )

    BTW, I never play poker for actual money, and have no desire to.

  12. Coup is a very good game, but if you're going to get it at all it's definitely best to go for Coup: Reformation. It's much more dynamic and flexible.

  13. As a long time watcher of TDT and also a poker player I was impressed with your reasoning for this video to find games that are better than playing poker for nothing. I find that completely valid so well done for that.

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