You wait all night until you’re finally dealt pocket kings or any big pocket pair in No Limit Hold’em Cash Game. What to do in this situation? Check out this video and here my poker tips and strategy what to do when you are dealt pocket kings. What would you have done with pocket kings? Would you consider folding pocket kings here?What would be your poker tips and strategies? Write your comments below.
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44 Replies to “3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games (Poker Strategy)”

  1. since this video had 888 logo, here how it goes with KK on 888, 8 out of 10 times if you have kings someone have aces,the other times they will have lower pair but mandatory improve to a set or 2 pair, i had a player callin quarter of his stack 3 bet with 93 suited, and hit 2 pair while i had kings…. online poker is pure garbage especially sites like 888

  2. Just shoot your videos at home and get rid of the noise. We are here trying to watch the poker hand, not your putative handsomeness or the random landscape.

  3. I'll give you the best strategy guide you've ever seen on 3 MISTAKES to Avoid With Pocket Kings in Cash Games.

    Mistake #1 Don't play too passive
    Mistake # 2 Don't play too aggressive
    Mistake # 3 Don't play too middle ground

  4. I learned yesterday that it's better to fold KK when an A flops and villain calls your postflop checkraise after he called your 3Bet preflop. lol I must have been dreaming…. and woke up to AJ.

  5. Problem is even if he bet large preflop, pocket QQ will still call. Still with a connected board like that, 1 pair is not enough. If someone bets on a board like that I will fold KK, thingking I'm facing at least 2 pairs or set,

  6. interesting points ,if anyone else  needs to find out about how to play poker online try Giizabauth Greenback Generator (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  7. I played queen's Vs kings earlyer in a cash game I had queen's he made small raise whit kings I re raised he called flop was small cards he bet I put him all in now that's hard one to get away from

  8. i wish I understood the strategy, but hey not everybody can do this and it is interesting to try and figure out what ppl will do even if i don't understand their strategy

  9. You could check the flop. Your hand doesn't need much protection. And his raise-call range has qq, kqs, aqo, qjs, etc. In it. You probably can only extract one street from JJ. What is his plan if he holds JJ out of position? Call you down and hope you have ak? However he might bet jj to protect it if you give him some rope.

  10. Yea I don't like the play on the turn.

    The re-raise pre-flop is too small, but saying that I'm not sure I agree with Alec here because other than 7s, every other hand he mentions is calling there. 10s, AK, AQ, etc. Sure, you fold out some Q9 / Q10s, but just as his bet looks like a squeeze from the CO, so does yours from the button.

    I'd have 3 bet pre, checked the flop, presumably he bets into me on turn and I call, and likewise on the river to anything that isn't massive. I tend to prefer calling down in position especially because then I get to see more free cards with I'm drawing, meaning I need to put money into unmade hands less. For sure, I'm losing a couple of hundred in this spot, but I'd not get stacked. I do play fairly low variance I confess, but I'm quite profitable.

  11. Could you really have done much to push the villian off the hand when he flopped quad queens?

    I’ll admit i’m not an expert.
    But unless you could have got a fold pre-flop…
    There’s not too much you couldve done to get someone off a quad queen flop.

    I would have folded i think.
    That board was dangerous, any of those villians only needed 1 queen to beat pocket kings.

    But thats my opinion, maybe im wrong.

  12. I would have folded that shit on the turn. He's right. Too many hands can beat you at that spot. At least 4 out of 5 times in a spot like that, he's got you beat.

  13. Was kind of risky for villain to jam the river, risking a hero fold. But luckily for villain our hero fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  14. Why do kings always make their holders feel like they're some king themselves? Sure, others are always bluffing, huh? He's one of these guys Sklansky means when he explains where the money comes from.

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