Are Aces Cursed? Star Casino Sydney Cash Game
Poker VLOG #24

You know the drill by now!
Poker, weight loss challenge update, and giveaways! That’s right, the plural is not a typo. I’m doubling up on the giveaway. Two people will be staked in the Australian Poker Tour, Battle of The Leagues tournament next weekend, representing #teamswiper.

All you need to do to enter, is be available and ready to play on Saturday 30th June, 2018 at Bankstown Sports Club at 11am.

Use the hashtag #teamswiper in the comments to enter.
Two winners will be selected on Wednesday.
Non-winners can join in and represent #teamswiper for the $50 buy-in.

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22 Replies to “Are Aces Cursed? Star Casino Sydney Cash Game – Poker VLOG #24”

  1. Nice video bud. Your video popped up on my home screen, subscribed. I’ll catch up on the rest and look forward to more. Good luck to you.

  2. One problem I notice in your thinking is that in your AA and KK hands, you talked about how much you needed to bet to NOT look like a squeeze and not get called. When you have AA and KK you WANT to get called by at least one player. Otherwise you might as well do it with 72o.

  3. You’re not squeezing if you’ve got pocket kings, you are raising for profit not for marginal calls, you squeeze to make light callers fold and marginal callers call with a lesser hand

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