In today’s Ask Alec I share some poker tips and strategies about how to play deep stack poker games. Leave your poker tips about this topic in comments below and feel free to share your poker strategy about how to play deep stack poker.
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34 Replies to “Ask Alec: How Do I Play Deep Stack Poker (150BB+)?? (Poker Cash Game Strategies)”

  1. Good video, I have started playing bigger and deeper games, this info will be useful to keep in mind. I kinda do this already but it is nice to have it tangibly put into my mind.

  2. … And I just watched this the DAY after I got busted with bottom set on a wet flop (Th Jh 6c) when the button had TT. A day late and about $650 short. Good video. Wish I'd seen it before playing.

  3. Hey Alex, good general ideas. Thanks for them. How about preflop reg wars around 200-1500 bb deep? I built my 3bet-4bet-5bet ranges according to 6max. So when 100bb deep i stack off preflop JJ+ AK, QQ+ AK, KK+ AKs positionally. But when i am 200bb deep vs a decent reg, how can it stack off any hand other than AA. If i dont ever 6bet other any other hand than AA, my opponent can easily exploit me. So do i build my range to call 4bets and 5bets and never 6bet. What is the trick?

  4. Great video Alec!! What's your opinion about sharing all of this (free) info with the poker community? There's some really solid advice here and I just wonder if you ever want to hold back or feel like you're giving away a little too much for free lol.. I'd love to hear your take on this as I'm sure you've considered the pros and cons.

  5. Alec i hope you read this, but you should post more videos solely just talking about how to play in certain situations like today's video. i've been wanting you to post videos like this for a while. because even though it's helpful to see the videos on one single poker hand, it's more helpful with this. thank you!!

  6. 1. Position is even more important 2. Value of speculative hand goes up significantly (Suited connector, pocker pairs) 3. Betting size becomes even more important. ( if you are betting pot size bet every time with hand like ace, you will lose more) and 4. Bluffing becomes more common. 5. Mix up your game as Alec said. You dont want to have kings aces everytime you thre bet. You want simetime to have 23 suited. You want to balance your range.

    Position is everything in deep stack size game. Always try to play in position. Bluff when you need to.

  7. Interesting as hell and it makes a lot more sense.
    The Aussie online scene is closing down so I'm gonna have to leave the house now =(
    The internet has failed me.

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