Bencb joins the 10NL cash game streets after having huge scores in high stakes tournaments, to find out if he can actually still beat 10 cent cash games!



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25 Replies to “Can A Professional Poker Player Beat A 10¢ Cash Game?!”

  1. Only thing I didn't understand here was at 29:00 with the JTo hand. We unblock spades so we could have KTs. Well yeah so what does that mean? Didnt get it. Please explain:)

    Video is amazing btw

  2. Interesting pre-flop opening sizing. Should not we always make it 3 BB? I feel like they could perceive it as we are having a weak range and 3-bet us often, and also we give them better odds to call with some goofy hands and outflop us. Could you elaborate here please?

  3. We appreciate the micro video's Ben, would you mind playing micro cach on an unknown account. I think people know you are tough to play against so they will avoid you. Just a thought 🙂

  4. hello Sorry to bother you. Business consultation and cooperation. Are you interested? Can you send me Telegram or WhatsApp? Thank you very much.

  5. With KK it was five bet at 34:50 ?! Then i think the push is better because in this limit fivebet almost every time is very strong hand KK+ and no bloff, or sometimes Just call is can be good?

  6. Hey Ben, what's the name of the song that plays in the background of your videos? I really wanted to download it to listen during the session or the cooldown timing

  7. Instructive for sure, but doesn't really answer the question in the title:)
    Need tens of thousands of hands to say.

    Obv Bencb can beat them, but I am sure that after 50k hands he would agree that it was harder than he thought.

    Edit: and even 50k is not that much….

  8. The pocket 22 hand at 22:00 , I would just jam the turn, most people at these micro/low stake would just snap call with any high kicker Kx there. Also turn a lot of 2 pairs KQ/K7/Q7 and flush draw which they may call down with. Well some of them, like you said they don't respect raise or jams would still call with 88-TT here. As silly as this sounds, people snap call with Jacks here even though they don't beat any hands. I wouldn't worry about missing any value with a set here.

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