This Hand of the day is coming from one of my readers who asks me: Do I have to call the river in this situation? Interesting situation for poker hand analysis… Check out this video and let me know your cash game poker strategy and poker tips for similar situations.

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33 Replies to “Cash Game Poker Strategy: Should I Call This RIVER BET??”

  1. I haven't even got past the turn yet but I dont get this at all. Two pair should never be on this board realistically. I don't think the other players range have been analysed here properly at all. Its much more likely they're raising with overpairs or a draw…why is the villain more likely to have 7/8 on that board?!

  2. and i have to say it again, i see in almost all the videous just horrible bet sizing from everyone you kinda have to pin point that and make a big deal about it!!!

  3. oh man, but i dont agree with this hand for various reasons, first of all , when the villain raises to the turn , well the heroes raise its meaningless i have no idea hows hes a winner in these games because his size its not bad its horrible and you dont emphasize that at all….and the villains reraise its less than the pot size wich is meaningless as well….so it dosnt make alot of sense, considering the action and the bet sizing in this hand i dont even care how tight and old the guy is im NEVER FOLDING THE RVR bet!! please someone correct me if im wrong with my logic!!!

  4. I was actually the Hero in this hand of the day, really enjoyed hearing Alec's analysis of the hand through out the action. The preflop action was a little off, Basically I was the ROCK $10.00 free blind and knuckled the 97 diamonds 5 ways to the flop. The older guy on the button is a long time regular that could almost be classified as a super nit. I believe there was around $50.00 in the pot on the flop, hopefully that explains my flop bet. Typically I am auto calling most people in this spot and might even be raising the turn against some villains.

  5. The nit is never raising river with worse, so isn't bet-folding better than check-calling? We get to set the price, and when he comes over the top we can snap fold, say nice hand and move on.

  6. Moral of the Story… Don't open with 9 7 EP for 30$. If you find yourself opening this hand and the flop gives you equity, Resist the urge to bet 1/4 pot as it will give everyone equity to call and stack you. Betting 1/2 pot will likely have folded a tight player on a gut shot. If it doesn't maybe he's not so tight and your reads are based on you playing terribly

  7. The river card actually changed the texture, because it put a 6-high straight on the board. This means, that all hands without a 7 in them got counterfeited and are now playing the board. So if they call a river bet, they can only hope to chop the pot, when their opponent is bluffing trying to get them off the chop.

    Given that this is the case, I am not sure, it makes all that much sense to valuebet a 7 on the river. Because you still need to worry about 87, and what are you hoping to get called by? If Villain can think on this level, I think, we can maybe find a fold here. But in real time I would probably hate life and call it off as well.

  8. Can someone explain pot odds to me?
    I thought you were supposed to add your call to the pot. Yet Alec says, from 7:30, odds are (900+400)/400. Or does he add the bet later on when he goes from 1.6:1 to 35 to 40% (because (1.6+1)/1=38%).

  9. Alec, Do you really have to call old poker players " Old Nits "….It's very disrespectful. What makes a nit in your mind anyway!?…..I enjoy poker, have for many years but hate it when many "Respected" You tubers like yourself refer to the " Old Guy = Nits " in many of your and their videos. Those comments really need to end. You are a very respected poker player and as such, these comments just foster the younger players disrespect for older players……thanks and your videos are excellent by the way.

  10. I think it's kind of funny how you completely analyze this as a stone fold situation once the flush doesn't come, then you conclude that calling is ok too. I see pros do this all the time: completely correctly analyze the situation, then call anyway.

    Against a super-tight guy who lives for these moments, of course you can fold here, for all the reasons you outlined 😉

  11. Look at the math, 1.6:1 so we need… call it 36% equity. He's never bluffing. So those combos are out. So what hands does an old nitty dude get into this multiway pot with? 67, 78, and maybe some suited one gapers like 57, 97. There's two combos of 57s, three combos of 97s, and 8 combos of 67 – so 13 combos we chop. There's 12 combos of 78.

    We are chopping almost exactly half the time, and we don't need to be chopping that much to make the call. So it's a call.

  12. Trivial call imo. I feel there are more than enough combos of random 7s (and you block one) and random stuff going on to justify the call vs the possible 78. I think I would have folded that pre flop considering how loose this table looks to me, but as played nice job losing the minimum to the old guy, although I feel you should have been betting half pot at least on the flop and the turn to build the pot with your hand. Speaking of him, he can't that nitty flatting 78o. I thought for sure I'd see 78s. Not that it's bad with how deep you are, but it discredits the nitty read.

  13. He could've easily had a baby ace with a pair. You gotta call that with the low bet. Good job not raising considering how tight the old man was. The old man isn't a nit considering he called a raise with in position with 78 off suit. I wouldn't have done that.

  14. Consider folding river!?!? What? I don't see how villian could play 7x in any other way. Any villian raises turn with a seven vs a 1/4th pot bet 5way. How could he not? Ever considering folding river versus any kind of player is a massive mistake.

    I also think that we should never be betting neither flop or turn given our range, we have way too few strong hands

  15. Only reason I'd say you could get away is because of his flop flat. If we're saying he's this tight, what sevens could he really flat the flop with? Probably not a7 with no flush draw on board. Only realistic possibilities are 97, 87, 76, 75, 74…. 74 and 76 probably raise flop so now we're looking at 97 87 and 75… Considering 57 and 97 are probably only being played suited (and you block a combo of both) by this Nit, it makes 87 SUPER likely. I'm not saying you HAVE to fold river, but I think us realistic to get away from.

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