Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) takes measures to try and get Bond (Daniel Craig) out of the card game in CASINO ROYALE (2006). To make the poker game look realistic the cast were given lessons in how to play Texas Hold ‘Em which included the correct way to hold and protect your cards. They would also play for two or three hours after filming had finished, sometimes with real money. “I’m sure there was a lot of money lost on that set,” said Daniel Craig.

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  1. Love Daniel Craig here, so gorgeous, and those blue eyes, amazing to think they are naturally as blue as that, and love the blond hair to

  2. I heard an agent is supposed to wet their lips 1st check for poisons… And why didn't he force himself to throw up? Something not adding up here

  3. That's the reason why I prefer Bond girls like Vesper or Natalya : they're smart, strong and James wouldn't survive without them. Most of the others are useless or minor or just too dumb like Tatiana who's totally unable to notice that the man in front of her put something in her glass.

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