Bill Perkins, Matt Berkey, and Darren Elias headline this thrilling night of $25-$50-$100 No Limit Hold’em cash game action from the Champions Poker Club in Houston, Texas during the Lone Star Poker Series. Commentary is provided by Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks.

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32 Replies to “Champions Poker Club: High Stakes Cash Game”

  1. The action is fine, players interesting to watch but the camera views are C-/D+. Watch some live at the bike. Like the new streams games from The Lodge starring YouTube legends Polk & Owens, you both have A+ content but are have that great live action shot and presented in a way that, frankly, seems amateurish. Also, I thing this blacking the right camera set up.

  2. 35:15 berkey shoves INTO quads and after he is snapped off Perkins pushes Berkey's nose in it……like Perkins would have played it better…what an ASS

  3. A clean game is a REAL game of fellowship and respect for each other, no matter what the out-come for ALL watching. – a real sport never negates their audience or most of all, their families and friends with the words they 'speak'…

  4. Perkins drives me nuts. Constantly trying to impress people and looking for acceptance and to be the center of attention. Perkins still has no clue what he’s doing. He just has unlimited money. Especially playing with people who’s bankrolls are no where near his.

  5. berkeys donk be shove on the river with the king high flush is such a punt. What he going to call him with? he cant have a queen high flush on this board and low flushes could consider folding on this board. he even has the 8 to block possible straights lol

  6. Even in 20 40 Limit holdem, I am very cautious and often fold my flush or straight draws if the board is paired, especially if not that much in the pot yet

  7. PokerGo, not sure if you will see this, but Mr. Jeremy Tinsley passed away a few days ago. He is a family member of mines dad. Just thought I would share. May he Rest In Peace.

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