Daniel Negreanu returns to High Stakes Poker Season 9 with some aggression! Watch new episodes every Monday, exclusively on PokerGO as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Doyle Brunson, and many other superstars are in the mix!

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38 Replies to “Daniel Negreanu Over-Bet Bluff on New High Stakes Poker Season”

  1. I wouldn't really consider trips a bluff but with the board having 4 spades that's like all that matters, but there was still a potential full house there too so

  2. I’m no poker player, but I’ve got a question for all the real cars players out there:

    Do you think being able to go back and watch these clips could hurt players’ tactics?

    Could their opponents study these like game tape a few days after the tournament, and use the data to get ready for the next one?

  3. What gets me is how commentators immediately know the amount of a bet, I know the chip colors are relevant but when they put down 6 or 7 chips, sometimes more, they don't need to count the number of chips, they just call it, and they are always right,

  4. I mean it was a respectable lay down unfortunate but respectable. Live to fight another day. Get it in when you know you have the winning hand. Better luck next time guy. Look at it this way atleast it was to Negreanu. Could e been to someone like Mike the mouth or someone trash like that.. 🤣 🤣 🤣

  5. Always easier to read in hindsight.
    But if he did have a king or queen spade flush wouldnt 5500 on the turn be kind of a high bet? And when the board paired if he did have the flush wouldnt he be scared of the other guy filling up.on the river? But he made an overbet.
    Both those bets are fishy and if you compare them there is a weakness on those bets. He did both bets like he had the nuts. Betting the 1 card flush then betting the fulll house. He repped them both.

    It was odd no doubt when u think it through

  6. This line from Daniel doesn't make much sense,does it?
    He's repping like flush/straight flush on the turn and on this river he's left with straight flush only.

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