In this free excerpt from the Advanced PLO Mastery course, Dylan Weisman shows you how to think critically about your own poker game. This is crucial to developing the correct thought processes and overcoming hurdles to improvement.

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29 Replies to “Every Serious Poker Player Should Watch This (Mental Game)”

  1. The general notion “being result-oriented instead of ego-oriented” first applies to life itself. And indeed it’s all about self-development… or growing up, if you prefer.

  2. Man, I really was close to tears the whole video – really goes to show how much I needed that perspective and you explained it very well! Thanks so much! I really could feel some of the weight I tend to put on myself lifting during this video!
    Also I really like the term 'shamestorming' – most definitely am a master in that discipline currently :'D

  3. Holy shit, i´ve been shaming myself for years and not even realizing it was harming me, my mental health, my relationships and my attitude as a player and making me a worse person overall. This is one of the biggest revelations i´ve ever had on my life. Now it really depends on how can i change in a healty way.. and how can i control those emotions…uuufff

  4. Nice video Dylan! 👍 Always appreciate your content. Ive really suffered from Superman complex off the table & never identified it like this.

    I think about your teaching on recency bias multiple times a week, in all areas of life, realizing many of us are suffering from the effects not just in poker, but often in business & life.

    Keep it up!

  5. Very nice video tank you.
    can you make a video about players that are break even for many years and are losing hope on getting good results someday?

  6. I've given this advice to so many people outside of poker. Your inner voice IS who you are. Who decides what your inner voice says? YOU do. Therefore you decide who you are. We all truly forget just how much control we have over ourselves. Subconsciously we like to believe that outside influences, events and luck control our happiness and determine our future, which is most certainly not the case

  7. Not hating yourself, but hating your life, is a very strong motivator, and is rooted in self compassion. Knowing you deserve better than having to accept complete bullshit can get you going on a journey of self improvement.

  8. This is a beautiful video. Even relevant for REAL life. I love it so much. Ignorance is not bliss… Ignorance is a incredibly time consuming and expensive.

  9. Literally one of the absolute best videos I've seen and heard over the last months on this topic – to stay into context: being very critical and super harsh here: this is pure gold! 😉

  10. Really awesome vid. I'm not a big mindset guy mainly because I've never had tilt or self loathing issues but there were some thing you said that definitely resonated with me. Too bad I'm not a PLO player or else I would purchase this course.

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