39 Replies to “Fearless Poker Player GOES FOR IT (High Stakes Cash Game)”

  1. What a Jack ass Jason kood, he doesn’t value bet his top pair of jacks but when he hits a 8 with two jacks on the board he bets? How is that? Pro? No! More like he has ppl betting on him or he is playing on some own else’s money bag

  2. I think the coolest and weirdest part about this whole session was the fact that Tom dwan was at the table and you would never know it by the broadcast

  3. Some of these guys act like they are so much better then people who have less money then they do. Moneys is material and comes and goes. When you die you will deteriorate just like everyone else, no different then a homeless person who owned nothing. You have stinky little buttholes that excrete turds, so don’t act like you are better than anyone because you have money.

  4. It’s weeud seeing Cwiss pwaying poka with Wandon, Cwissy, Dan, Bwooono, Tom, and Jason. They awe all good poka pwayers! Awe they pwaying 1 hundwed 2 hundwed? That’s wike, so weeud. Is Cwiss bwudders wif Sam GweenWood?

  5. Last hand, wanted to see her think about it and make the call vs snap fold. He could easily have a draw, AK AQ etc. I don't think he stops barreling if he has top pair or an over pair on the turn since he would be afraid of draws himself.

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