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Let’s face it, sometimes home games suffer from drunk or distracted players failing to keep up with the action. It can slow things down, piss people off and generally derail an entire evening. In this video you’ll learn five easy poker games that anyone can understand.

These are simple gambling games with lots of action but very few decisions. And you know they’re easy, because the people explaining them to you are drunk. In just seven minutes you’ll learn Blind Texas Hold’em, Blind Omaha, Estonian Twist, Crazy Dutchie and last but certainly not least, Slovak Double Barrel. These games will be a blast and the great thing is, no one will feel excluded or intimidated playing them.

There’s no betting, raising or bluffing. You just get your cards, make a few really simple decisions, and hope to get lucky and show down the best hand. You can play for whatever you want, be it pennies, dollars or even drinks.

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12 Replies to “Five Easy Poker Games Even Your Drunk Friends Can Understand”

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  2. Terrific video, guys!! My family and I have started "poker night" (no high stakes stuff, just fun-times) and we needed some additional fun games to play. Yes, there are definitely adult beverages involved!! Thanks again, fellas!

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