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In this video:
$25/$25/$50 + $50 Big Blind Ante No Limit Hold’em – July 22, 2021
Commentator: Wayne Chiang

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#LiveattheBike is the first and only regularly scheduled weekly webshow to feature a live #poker cash game. Real people, playing real poker… uncut, unscripted, unedited, with expert commentary from top grossing poker pros who make their living playing the same games we feature on their own bankrolls.

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24 Replies to “High Stakes Poker $25/$25/$50+$50bba/$100 @Maria Ho Garrett Adelstein, Kitty♠ Live at the Bike!”

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  2. @Gmanpoker around ~28 minute mark. Spews subjective vitriol & garbage. Aggressively shutting down an objective person's anecdotes @ a poker table.. while in position! Adelstein has never been so tilted.

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  4. More close up shots of the table action- people betting, riffling chips plz, and more shots of the dealer shuffling. When I’m hi af it’s very campy and satisfying, adds a lot of atmosphere

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