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This crazy poker hand comes from the legendary and private ‘Big Cash Game’ in Macau, played with a select group of poker pros and mostly Chinese Poker VIP’s. The blinds alone were $10,000/$20,000/$40,000 HKD, and I was having a terrible night, stuck three buy ins!

With nearly $4,000,000 in front of me, the hand kicked off with the VIP opening in early position, and Tom Dwan and another pro called in late position.

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Playing High Stakes Poker in Macau

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30 Replies to “High Stakes Poker: 7.9 Million Dollar Pot in Macau | The Most Epic Hand of NLHE Poker Cash Game”

  1. Plays for bunch of money but yet needs youtube audience to fall for his clickbait title hiding real currency..all these poker pros gets lamer each day.

  2. totally agree…any way you chop it up (session, weekly, monthly), it often does come down to a tiny fraction of hands like this one that decide how you do. it is a rough game and you can play "perfect" and still go broke.

  3. Alec, the same thing happened to me at my local casino, I rebought after losing and hit a royal flush on the first hand back from the table.. true story

  4. Dude its Hong Kong not US dollars. That's a slightly misleading title. It is much easier to hide hong kong denominations at the back of your stack.

  5. ALEC. You say it was a pivotal moment. Would a true pro stretch their bankroll to the breaking point? Isn't that poor management/ gambling?? Unless your bakroll was at least 40x$3million= $120 million usd !!!

  6. So the buy in was < usd $1mil ? I’ve played a long time ago in Macau (HK $). Still, the largest game I’ve played the buy-in was 1/100th of that. I’d shove 10s, probably fold 9s. Tom Dwan is totally calling the shove with garbage, the ‘local pro’ is priced in to call your shove. Great that you have such a supportive partner to share your experiences.

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