The first episode of High Stakes Poker features Daniel Negreanu and a $1,000,000 buy-in! Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Barry Greenstein, and Jerry Buss join “Kid Poker” for a $300/$600 cash game.

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44 Replies to “High Stakes Poker | Season 1 Episode 1 (Full Episode) – Featuring Daniel Negreanu”

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  2. I really hate how they cut to just the cards when the cards are turned. How come you can't see the player's hands the entire time. The fast cuts back and forth are unnecessary. It's shocking how much better the loose Cannon is and high-stakes poker or poker after dark.

  3. I have been watching poker shows for the last 13 yrs. or so, and this is the best poker show of all, imo, and Gabe Kaplan is the best ever commentator. I also miss watching Doyle play poker.

  4. Negraneau had 2 fish on the line with top pair and overpaid and chased them both away with a massive overbet, just so he could be a boss and throw 100k of cash in the middle

  5. Man, Daniel was soooo bad. Bets 167BBs into a pot of 53BBs when the flop hits the aggregate villains’ range fairly hard. Man, what I would give for a time machine, 🙄

  6. 7:00 he just told u its 100,000 total Moron! Of course that's 50,000 each stack. Oh, and stop chewing on the cigarette like Sammy farha from like 2004. Cmon man….

  7. This is season one,episode one; Doyle buys in with a half a million!! Hahhaha, I have chill watching this right now, thank you so much for the upload!

  8. A smoking doctor. Only in the US would they look at that and say obviously he's a person of higher health, let me consume all of his sparkly advice and ignore the obvious signs of deceit and breach of confidence. 😂

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