Poker players measure their success using a win rate. A win rate is measured in the number of big blinds a player wins in a given hour.

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Put simply, your win rate is the difference in skill between you and your opponents, minus the rake.

What is a Good Win Rate in Poker?
That depends on how good you are.I’ll outline the most common win rates below, but be aware your specific win rate will depend on how difficult your game is, the rake, your consistency, and a host of other factors.

I believe my job as a coach is to tell it like it is. Most people simply lose. If you’re a long term winner in poker, it means you’re in the top 5-10% of poker players worldwide. That feat alone is something to celebrate.

While the following breakdown is simplified, I’m going to divide win rates into several categories so you can approximate where you stand. Ideally, you have kept diligent poker records over a large sample size, so you know your hourly rate. Then, you can see for yourself what your true win rate is, and simply plug in the numbers to determine how much you can make per month.

If you’re not already keeping records, please, start now (download the app Run Good). Depending on how often you play, you can accumulate a statistically significant sample in as little as several months. You’ll need at least 500 hours of live playand 50,000 hands online to have meaningful data.

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47 Replies to “How to Make $2,000 Per Month Playing Poker”

  1. This is maybe stupid question but what is opinion of can gamling addict play poker and profit?
    I have now play poker a couple months and i make money when i don't play with my whole bankroll, unfortunately many times i go and play with my whole bankroll..

  2. Poker is definitely not a career to much of a game of luck it's like saying you got a full time job playing roulette or dice it's a gamble it's meant to get quick cash and that's it.

  3. I have a local casino that has 1/3 limit hold’em which a bunch of retired people go who just like to gamble and middle men who just have money to waste. I’ve play a total of 15hrs and have made $438 in profit I was up $690 but lost in one session, just bad beats, but I play very disciplined and patient and it seems that it’s working, only play high cards and when I’m on big blind and button with certain hands. Once I make double my money I’ll leave. So you can definitely make money, just on who your playing against and once your in the green to leave and not risk losing your profit which you risk having to play more hours to make what you lost

  4. Great video, i have a tough decision as I make pretty good money working so it’s hard for me to take the leap to play poker online full time. I’m making $1500 at my job a week , but when I get home from work I’m exhausted so really my only time to play is weekends and maybe a day during the week. How can I ever know if I’m able to win playing full time 5days a week or maybe 6 days a week….: tough choice to make stay working my job or quit or to play full time. Any advice ?

  5. “Here you’ll find a unique blend of content” re-listen to that and consider being more normal. I want to watch this video but damn dude

  6. I think there's some mistakes in these calcs? You say a top winner can beat the game at 15bb per hour at EV? That works out at 53bb/100 (assuming 28 hands an hour). For that to happen players would need to be almost blind jamming all-in every few hands and you'd have to be as good as LLinusLove; if someone has this win-rate its a small sample and cant be sustainable. An insane bb/100 would be like 10bb's nobody online is even touching 10bb/100 (I'm a data analyst at a major online operator), I think the information here is very missleading :/

  7. Tge question is why everyone who is consistently profitable at something like poker or trading will eventually end up choosing the teaching career path via youtube? I guess the answer is that youtube can potentially give you more profit than poker but the key factor here is that it’s stress free which is an huge advantage

  8. Tournaments don't have to be high in variance. Obv its. all about game selection. example, play in small field games. Its rather simple logic.glg internet people.

  9. you're leaving out the most important part…the less hours you play the more variance you will experience and in order to reach the long run and be consistent you will need to play a ton of hours.

  10. If you think about it a lot of people playing 1/3 make about $50-100 before they start going in the down swing and if you do the math $50 a day is $1,500! a month!!!! So if you stayed mindful of your profit while you are playing then you can be a 10 bb winner with some discipline

  11. Hi, alex. I watch you video for long time, that help me a lot. How do you think about the short deck cash game, sounds pretty popular in china, attract more rec into the game.

  12. Rake / Drop is more significant than that (not mentioning it except saying "low rake" games when referring to low limit games) and should be addressed. Rake / Drop is crippling! Routinely playing in high-rake games Is akin to using a credit card to invest in stocks. I'm talking to you Socal!

  13. 2k a month isn't much at all. I wouldn't expect to average 2k a night, but really you've got to make at least 50k a year in whatever you do, poker or "real job".

  14. Thanks for your videos! I do feel like i am the second or third best at the table and still crush it. 2-5 games are definitely weak. With a lot of hard work i was able to have a 2-5 bankroll.

  15. Most people lose money playing poker don’t be a fool. Even if u play by the book it is still gambling but if u have a skill and mostly a Lady Luck on your side then u can become successful at it ?

  16. I don’t think poker is that complicated. When you know you have a good hand. You will win. When you know your hand is not worth that much. Don’t call just fold.

  17. Played this for 5 years. Know enough that i could probably do ok with actually study, which i never bothered hard to do because it made the game boring, but i seem to do alright with everything i learned from poker om sports so maybe. Learned cash by the way

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