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28 Replies to “How to Play Poker Against Beginners and Amateurs (Poker Tips)”

  1. This is what I expected to hear. Good to get a pro confirmation. My home game has super loose players and will rebuy 5 to 7 times and will call down with air. Drunk social players are a confusing lot. Stick to the basics, engage with stronger hands to get paid off as I know they will call down…. Be patient.

  2. I’ve tried to play against people online in free games like poker legends and it’s hard to get into cuz I’m trying to get better but I’m playing against scrubs who always want to go all in pre flop and nonsense like that. I don’t want to have to get into cash games online but idk how to play against serious people who are still amateurs on my level.

  3. It's just so annoying, when you wait for a good hand, raise with AKo. They call, then the flop is A93 rainbow. Against a good player that's a super flop, no flush draws, no straight draws, no full house potential. You raise them, they keep calling. In the end they go all-in, I call, then they show up with 93o. WTF is that?

  4. This was so helpful. I've had to start playing like this against my friends on poker night as I play quite a bit more than they do, and I also watch lots of videos trying to better my game. It was mildly disheartening to hear my exact thoughts confirmed, as I was hoping to find a little more room for creativity, but I'm sure over time they'll get better, and the game will become more like chess and less like checkers between us.

  5. Losing discipline and falling into playing more hands that get you into trouble is the trap. If you're catching some cards, life is good. Pretty hard to drive an hour to play cards and fold for 3 hours of a 5 hour session, but that's what it takes sometimes.

  6. You just play the nuts.
    If you play basketball against a 6 year old, you don’t need to dunk on them to win.
    Keep it simple and profit easily

  7. I’ve been playing against my grandparents who are absolute maniacs so thank you for this. They’ve been kicking my ass! They’re fearless, don’t really know much about poker so they don’t do anything that makes fucking sense, making them incredibly hard to play against.

  8. Raise pre flop with amateurs, they'll call no matter the amount. You have AA and they have a trash hand like 59o. Flop comes 5 8 9 and they have 2 pairs. Good luck getting them off.

  9. This is how I feel when I play zynga poker I’ll be playing for a while and the first time I go all in preflop they call with 3 5 off suit

  10. I’m a winning amateur player and have no problem playing against pros. You have a mayor technical advantage over me so I don’t compete on that level. I push my advantage when I am definitely ahead. I put the pressure on pros, preflop and flop. I don’t give the pros a chance to outplay me.

  11. Grear video but still I have a question when your in a multiway pots with 1 calling station & and the other players they overfolding a lot how to play your draws?

  12. I know it's not simple.
    But .if you mostly play with only very good hands. And play them well !!
    Well you should have above average wins
    It's when you ,go off track. Then you start losing .
    I'm an ok poker player and I have won a few small poker tournaments around 80,/ 100 people.
    But …
    I remember when
    Fidor holtz. Came about 3 Rd on the final table.and he was asked how he felt about that.he said

    I played the best way I could,so I'm not disappointed..

    That about sums it all up .
    Thanks for your advice

  13. If they dont want to go against amateurs then dont enter an amateur tournament. If u cannot support family by just playing poker, you are an amateur.

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