This video is all about Modern Poker Theory in action from the recent GGPoker WSOP $25k Super High Roller Event. I really felt like I played my “A” game in this tournament and there’s much to be learned as far as combining GTO and Exploiting. Part 1 focuses on Deep Stack Play, enjoy!

0:01 Intro
0:27 Tournament Details and Format
3:06 Starting Table
4:25 Defending the Big Blind
7:25 Staying in Balance
9:07 AQ to a Raise
11:07 Small Pair from early position
12:21 Big Blind Play
12:51 Button Opening Range
13:29 Suited Connectors from the Cutoff
14:23 Under the Gun Range
16:00 Big Blind Play
16:50 Suited Ace from Mid Position
17:44 Suited Connectors Under the Gun
18:20 Blind vs Blind
19:50 Playing an Overpair
23:29 Overvaluing Blockers
24:24 Raising a limp from the Big Blind
25:17 Calling a 3 Bet

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40 Replies to “How to Use MODERN POKER THEORY – $25,000 Buy-in Super High Roller!”

  1. Huge fan for over 15 years. First time actually seeing your channel and this is great content Daniel. Seriously, I love the narration and thought process.

    Makes me wish I didn’t have a job and could play poker for a living instead. It’s still a job, but my attempt at it years ago didn’t make me enough money to pay the bills.

    I’m also glad I agree with most of what you’re saying, and after not playing a while, makes me really want to get into it again.

    Do you think people who play a certain way, although trying to appear random, still have general strategies, could be better in one decade than another? The poker boom way back had all sorts of crazies at my local casino. Drove me mad. But now, playing the same way, I’d think I’d do better. Haven’t been on the poker scene in a while but this video makes me really want to get back into it.

    TL;DR. Great video! I subscribed.

  2. wow. i gotta tell ya dnegs, there's another guys channel i have been watching for months. it's one of the big name known poker helper sites and i think it's good for me to listen to and pick things up. i've been playing holdem all my life. however, i was listening to some random episode and advice you gave in a 10 second blurb gave me more advice i could listen to and implement in game than any other site i listen. specifucally it was to do with small blind. i've been playing too wide on small blind but never thought about it till you said something in that random episode and realized it was a hole in my game. hole patched.

  3. favorite poker player since 2009 when i first got into it… i ate slept and lived poker with dreams of going big, then the whole full tilt thing took all my money… but now im back in it and it seems to me you havent changed at all, still the best… is this streamed live? on youtube? or twitch?

  4. 8:20 The point of an unexploitable player is on point, because if a player is unexploitable it raises the point to say that they know all the cards being played. Everyone is exploitable when playing poker, and it dwells into the truth of how real the game is.

  5. Loved the video, was just wandering what program you use to help you out on seeing players 3bet percentage, going to flop percentage etc etc. Does someone know?

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