48 Replies to “How to WIN at POKER every time”

  1. I took your advice. 10%. Now I live in a tent under a bridge on Route 9, hit the crack pipe 3 times a day, and steal wifi from starbucks to send these type of messages. Thank you for the ultimate poker advice.

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  6. The only winners online are the site bots. It's nothing but a scam, go to a casino and play with real people and a random deck. If you're unable to see the generator taking time selecting cards to eliminate a short stack in tournaments you're not paying attention. It's about as random as sunrise.

  7. i dont understand this thing with the 10%
    you are saying that.. if i go on a cash game at pokerstars, enter with 10$ at 0.5/01 blinds, i should quit when I make 11$???
    and then repeat?

  8. In my opinion, the most valuable thing about poker is to pretend. Do good bluffs but, not only when you have a bad hand but, when you have a good hand as well. What I mean is don't bet too much and don't be too excited, that was a constant mistake I was making when I first staring playing poker. Raise, little by little with a little hesitation so that you opponent will think that " Look at him, he is bluffling he is not sure at all, I am not buying that he has a good hand" that's a good method which actually works. Of course, you can't always have a good hand so, you must bluff having arrogance and confidence that you win for sure.
    It goes without saying that, doesn't always work out and many figure out that you are bluffling in both cases. It depends on two factors. First how good actor you are and second how experienced and good player is the one you are playing with.

    Also. If you are a girl or woman you actually have more possibilities for a successful bluff(I don't know why probably it is because they think you can't cope with poker)

    Hope I helped. That's just my method and opinion.

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