While I often discuss poker strategy and content taking place in casinos and online, rarely do I cover where many of my students play poker the most: their very own homes! Today, I am going to cover what you need to know to dominate your home games and help you make a profit in any man cave.

With the majority of home games being made up of recreational poker players, reviewing proper reads and ranges will better prepare you to beat loose, splashy players. While you may be the better poker player, that won’t matter if you fail to take your opposing players seriously.

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18 Replies to “How To WIN Your HOME POKER GAME?”

  1. Hi Jonathan! On the topic of learning to beat the game you’re playing, many home games these days incorporate the latest fad of double board bomb pots. Would you consider doing one of these weekly episodes on strategy suggestions for bomb pots? For the most part I play them super tight since ranges are wide open but these are usually the biggest pots of the night and would love to increase my edge with some strategy tips. Thanks for all your content!

  2. Hey Jonathan, Ive won my first online $8.80 tournament for $724.20 on 888 Poker and want to thank you and your coaches for your/their content.. I must have learned a few things whether free or thru subscribing to earn this result..

  3. Hey what’s going on boss man brother, how do I know if I’m running bad or am just playing like shit or vice versa, if I’m playing good or am I just getting really lucky?

  4. Great video. I feel like there’s need to be a different name for home games that don’t take any rake. Like friendly games. I’ve played in a weekly $1/2 game for 15 years with no rake no tipping and aside from being a soft game it’s super profitable because of that.

  5. Hey Jonathan! Sorry for not catching this live to ask this question, but is hosting a home game still illegal if I don't rake? What makes it "unlicensed and illegal". I'm not in it to make money from a business I'm in it to make money from poker.

  6. In home games I have 2 main strategies depending on the player base. If its a group of solid regulars we openly strategize on how to get better, critique each others plays, and try to have a good time. If its a fish heavy game, I will limp everything and just outplay post flop. Gives the fish plenty of fun and play while I could use the handicap.

    Other regulars present would ask why I am always limping, but after explaining it, they all came along for the ride. Just had a home game yesterday with 6 good GTO players and 3 fish and it was limp city, but once the fish had bleed out, out came the 3-5x 3bets.

    I have been learning some things about having a deadly limp range from this and have started messing around with having a limp range that is a polarized range at a frequency. So for example AK will be limped X% as will everything with that % varying fish or regs. So for example, 10% of the time hands that I would call a 3x or open a 3x with will be limped instead with some 4 betters in there just for extra insult.

    If nothing else it allows me to profit from hands that would be ok with a 2x RFI but wouldn't like a 3x RFI. So I can be in there with some stuff GTO would disapprove of.

  7. One of the biggest edges I’ve noticed is getting to a home game when the game starts. Usually people will blast off a few smaller buy ins in the first hour or two before they buy in bigger or settle down. If you make a few hands in the first couple hours you can easily 2-5x your 100-150bb buy in.

  8. I don’t have much problem winning a lot of money in home games. And this is lots of fun, at least for me. The difficulty is in keeping the game going. The losing players don’t necessarily enjoy the game very much, and they certainly don’t enjoy being “put in difficult spots” which is exactly what thinking winning players do in order to win. I’m early in the video, so maybe you cover this. But any thoughts on managing the risk of breaking up the game via your own success is appreciated.

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