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50 Replies to “I Win $1000/Hr In Crazy Game Of Poker!! Poker Vlog Ep 148”

  1. My first week playing actual poker, I play 13 hours of 1/2 and come out +997. Then of course I load up YouTube and this is the first video I see. Great vlog brad, somehow I missed this one before.

  2. Once I was playing poker, I bought in for $2000 and cashed out $200,000. Believe me or not, but this happened at Dakota Dunes Casino, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

  3. I like to show hands based around how I’m playing. If I’m playing tight I’ll show a bluff to try to get calls when I have better hands, and if I’m bluffing a lot I’ll show a good hand to make them think I’m just running really well

  4. Hey so I have a question! I've been super into hold em this last month and play really well online, but I'd like to know what kinda plays you're having in between hands? Lots of folds? Shitty cards you don't wanna bluff on? Maybe losing out on the river occasionally? I use your videos to learn!

  5. It's funny because I just commented on the video I was watching of yours about 1 hour ago… And here it is I was asking if you would have played at Talking Stick Resort and now I'm watching a video where you're playing at Talking Stick Resort LOL

  6. i live 10mins away and the poker/bonuses at talkingstick are legendary. Swings are insane and just tabled a tournament with a cash table behind me, each had 60+k in front of them

  7. That’s the thing about gambling…you play and do awesome. Then a month later you lose it lol. Unless you invest some of the winnings (which I know you do), you’ll pretty much stay in stasis or worse.

  8. I love your videos Brad .. the phil Ivey black jack joke was hilarious, your very informative and super entertaining to watch .. great personality .. stoked for you getting to make a living doing what you love and appreciate you sharing it with everyone

  9. Havent played poker in months. But I so love your Poker Self Control… If I make it out Vagas I hope to run in to you hopeful to see you at a table.

  10. Do you keep data about your games? Such as play time, how much won / lost? I think it would be really cool to run some statistics. It's what I do.

  11. I’m not sure i agree with the “etiquette” when losing a big pot. If you show cards to one player at the table you show them to all. I dont know who knows who. It’s a rule for a reason. I’m happy to be the asshole if that’s what classifies me as one.

  12. I love how he’s like it’s bad etiquette to ask someone to show their hand then goes right around and says “show the bluff, show the bluff” like dude chill

  13. Brad, love ya content and you're not a bad fella yer self…
    But please no more of your 'just kidding' type chirps when you've got a huge winning hand, like the bombs, and us viewers cannot see the Turn or River card like you did at the back – end of this video..?
    Your audience should be 99.9% Grown-ups and we'all don't want Silly Billy stuff like this..!?
    Well, at least your one African supporter doesn't… Keep kicking ass!
    Big Wayne, Cape Town

  14. You obv have no idea what an hourly rate is or this is a joke. You can’t calculate an hourly in under 2 years full time live play, you are prolly making $7 max judging from your play tbh

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