48 Replies to “In 'Molly's Game,' how Olympic hopeful became high-stakes poker princess”

  1. “… but then I also got the other side of that which is listening to the way men talk about women… you know there were nights where there was a lot of just sort of degradation and disrespect you know it’s hard to hear”

  2. I love how there is always comments about how men in company talk about women. Having a fly on the wall view of women in the Army and at a huge call center I have seen that the way women in company talk about men is just much… Now with that said I believe it is way worse for women in certain situations such as at frat parties, bars, and certainly without question online.

  3. Lol. This woman is a fraud. She felt the players disrespected women and was so upset she made 4 million dollars a year. Entertaining movie for sure.

  4. Interesting how the movie had nothing to do with the MeToo movement; yet, a great portion of the interviews were directed towards the movement’s issues.

  5. the movie had nothing to do with "me too". plus i always hear women degrading men and that isn't wrong? what feminists forget (when trying to interpret this film as a movement) is that molly was surrounded by millionaire jerks and hollywood creeps. yet apparently those acquaintances are supposed to be the epitome of all men?

  6. Great movie !! But it’s funny how molly herself didn’t mention anything about the metoo movement and pay gap bullshit but Hollywood just had to throw it in there!! Smh

  7. Molly Bloom sounds like a dogdie person let's face it someone who runs backroom poker games for rich powerful punters is likely let's say has powerful connections that rest of us would rather avoid.Lets see gets off with a very light slap on the wrist.That in its self says enough.

  8. I admire her but at the same time I wonder if she were black would we be rallying behind her or calling her a principal. What she did was illegal but no outrage over it.

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