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30 Replies to “Jungleman, Doug Polk, Matt Berkey, Ryan Fee – $25/50/100 NLH Poker Cash Game – FULL EPISODE”

  1. Does anyone else find it very annoying when you're trying to listen to some interesting table talk and you have all three commentators talking over each other arguing about what is the most GTO way to play a hand. at 54:55 Jason had just won a hand off Garret and doug tells him to "maybe speed it up a little bit?" and Garrett responds by saying "or a lot" then they both started busting his balls and picking on him …….I think that is because they are salty that he just took them down in decent sized pots and they were salty…….but i couldn't hear any of that because Feldman, Soto, and Ingram were all yelling over eachother………I like hearing their input on different ways to play streets but they gotta know when to STFU.

  2. Look Doug leaves straight away like I have migraines my arse. 😂😂😂😂😂 more like running with that 30 k 😂😂😂😂 and they are professional 😂😂😂😂 they are rich kids with rich parents not poker pros

  3. Berkey has got money and he is quiet 🤫 like a pro not like the others like they in a bar drinking shots 😂😂😂😂

  4. Great game. Really enjoyed it. But man, Feldman just never shuts up! Like, NEVER, not for a moment. I'm glad they eventually learned to let us hear the table talk.

  5. Nice show! "I am the Math" Best announcer and player line up! One hand was out of line calling clock on Jungleman alot hand talk during his decision.

  6. I dont like Garretts check at 5:50 w Kings. Hes gotta raise in that spot w a massive overpair to an open and a call for half pot. Build it and protect. I have NOT seen this play out writing this. We’ll see. I am betting there. Anyone else?

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