(Original airdate: 05/03/05) Martin Short managed to lose $1800 dollars in seven minutes at one of Johnny Carson’s legendary poker games.

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Martin Short Played In Johnny Carson’s Legendary Poker Game | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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37 Replies to “Martin Short Played In Johnny Carson’s Legendary Poker Game | Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

  1. God, Marty looks so young here, I think losing his wife to cancer only 5 years later really aged him 🙁 still got the same bright spirit as always, though, endlessly entertaining!

  2. I saw Martin Short and Steve Martin in show together. Absolutely fabulous. It was called An Evening you will forget. I didn't understand why they didn't call it Martin and Martin. The best bit was Steve using Martin as a dummy in a ventriloquist act.

  3. I remember Martin Short, on an appearance with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, they asked him (without knowing) how his wife was, what a lovely lady she was, etc etc, the normal platitudes, etc etc. What they didn't know, was that she had passed away, more than a little while ago. Martin, in a true gesture of absolute class and dignity, took it all in stride, he never got offended, he didn't even correct them on their social blunder. It was quickly brought forward, and they were naturally horrified and embarrassed, and rightly wanted to apologize to Martin, but, again, he handled it all so well. He exemplified how a true gentleman conducts himself. I will never forget that lesson. Thank you, Martin Short!

  4. A little history for people watching this now, this episode of Conan aired in 2005 and Martin's wife sadly passed away in 2010……Martin however is still a living legend in 2022……

  5. Hearing him talk about his wife😭 i these moments, him and his family can look back on when they want watch Martin Short share his love for Nancy with the world.

  6. he rarely says he's from hamilton on the shows i've seen him do on american tv. grew up in westdale, went to westdale secondary and then mcmaster university. eugene levy and dave thomas were from the area and ivan reitman from toronto all went there at the same time.

  7. you know , if everyone who say they played in Carson's poker game got together with all those who say they almost got on the plane with Buddy Holly , you could fill the Staples center.

  8. Conan proves…Ivy Leaguers ain’t funny!! They think their brilliantly funny but…No!! The hair?? Ain’t funny!! Carlin any Ivy Leaguer? Pryor? Rock? Point made!!

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