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29 Replies to “My BIGGEST 1/3 NL Win EVER!!! Don't Miss!! Poker Vlog Ep 113”

  1. Very nice play and results! Been watching every Vlog, new and old. It's great 👍to see how you've progressed over the years. Keep crushing!!!

  2. Umm in the footage of the double board bomb pots, two different dealers burn different amounts of cards… they need to have a staff meeting 😑

  3. You are such a valuable part of the poker world man. Posting your losses no matter what, makes videos like these so much more fun to enjoy and root for you.

  4. Your videos are addicting my friend even though i dont understand all the lingo or strategy but it all seems learnable once commitment is made to take on this lifestyle. Having enough reserve money set aside to allow for the inevitable swings I imagine also necessary. Im living currently outside US waiting for pandemic to slow down and allow for international travel again. Im attracted to this lifestyle for some reason. To ride the highs and lows but having enough knowledge to take advantage of the opportunitys to build a bankroll while seeing the world. Sounds doable 🤠

  5. You never play 1-3 brotha, I played 1-3 a few days ago and bought in for 500 and came out I think around 2300 in 5hrs. I just hate how Graton won't let us do bomb pots unless if it's 2-5 or 5-10 now

  6. anyone else notice the bomb pot dealers dealt the cards differently?

    2:50 burned one and turned both cards.
    4:30 same as above
    6:15 deal, burn, deal

    is this not standardized or what?

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