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21 Replies to “My Step by Step Thought Process in Poker (high stakes cash game @ Live at the BIke)”

  1. This is an automatic call without much thinking. You're getting a good price and opponent shouldn't have many KingX or JackX in their range. Any pair 10s or lower gets counterfeited. Still can't believe he played 23o against Alec whos a good cash game player.

  2. your turn bet doesnt nean either kkk or bluff. you can bet qq,aj or big pocket pair. if he calls, you can check the river bc ur probly beat. many pros will bet the turn without a k bc highly unlikely he has a k. checking the turn isnt bad but it's too straight forward and predictable. betting the turn w/o a k is more creative and interesting.

  3. Minor Dicrepency: you don't add your calling bet and then figure your pot odds from that figure. You compare your bet size to the current pot size by simply dividing your calling bet by the current pot size. In this situation exactly, your actually getting just under 2.5-1 on your call, but on this board, I'd say a call is still a sound play from a theory aspect.

  4. Well Honestly, that's not what we want to hear Alec. We get plenty of that from guys like Doug Polk. What we want to hear, is how you read him for a Bluff, and had him pegged. You said at the beginning, that the flop favored "Your range", so basically you are putting him on nothing the whole way. GTO info is everywhere, EXPLOITIVE PLAY, is what we want to know about. Oh, and BTW, we are ready to see you in the Ring with better competition. We all know you can BEAST IT on LIVE AT THE BIKE

  5. nice. u had basically the best kicker in this situation. Many bluffs few good hands. i mean what are the chances ? could have had quads, but then why check the turn so fast. I would have bet pot tho on the river , but then look at his body language, i believe u wouldnt have taken so long to call. he he

  6. More than the thought process, the underlying issue is Tan went about $500-$600 light on his bluff. $2300-$2400 folds out A-highs.

    If you're gonna call an under-the-gun Raiser with 2/3 off-suit, you gotta be ready to pounce when the Board runs out like that.

    Too many people try to shave a little off the value-bet sizing, because they ARE bluffing. Alec sniffed it out, but clearly it wasn't an "Above the Rim" play.

  7. This video is stupid af. This hand isn’t even interesting enough to be talked about. Had Tan not been counterfeited, then maybe I’d want to hear some commentary. You don’t even need to understand possible ranges, pot odds to be like “this dude either has a K, J, QQ, AA, or he doesn’t.”

  8. I was thinking the same thing. When the river came, looking at the size of the pot relative to the bet size to call, how deep you are in bank roll, and possibility he has nothing with having a high kicker I would call to give myself a chance but not raise because it's kind of a 50/50 toss up to me. Plus he probably would have bet more if he would have had a king or jack. If I had less bank roll I would probably have folded and been more conservative.

  9. I loved the river call . Most noticeable to me, is my personal opinion and I'm not saying this player, but in poker sometimes egos aren't left at the door. Sometimes people want to outplay the Alec Torelli's . My observation was if you are Alec's and you can pick out these players , and I'm sure this happens more often than you would think, then you have a certain incalculable edge in play. As the hand progressed, the other players tried to feign calmness by talking to someone else at the start of the hand, and up until the turn or river. Then comes the quick river bet, which appeared or seemed to me to be pre-planned. The talk ceasing and the hand going up over the mouth. The looking the other way, when Alec looked over his way. And quite possibly the I want to outplay Alec Torelli which in this case didn't work.

    Yes sometimes these plays get by, but in this case with the way the hand played out, quickly throwing out a bluff disguised as river value bet didn't work.

    Are there tells in poker? In case I certainly thought there were…

  10. man, 90% of these comments are idiotic, moronic, or plain old sad. Yes the math is off, he added the bet size to the (pot+bet size) but the thought process is the main point. What can I beat and what cant I beat, If I beat enough based on his bet size then I call, if I can't I fold.

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