📣 Episode 2 of the NLHE Cash Game from Triton Jeju 2019, featuring the likes of Tom Dwan, Andrew Robl, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rob Yong, and Bobby Baldwin.

📌 Location: JEJU Shinhwa World Resort & Casino, South Korea

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49 Replies to “NLHE Cash Game Episode 2 – Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2019”

  1. JRB, while winning a no-skill pot against Rob Yong: "You are running so good against me." "Don't you feel blessed that I was short stacked just now when I destroyed you?" It's OK to be a donk, of course. But to be an irritating donk is only OK if you pump huge $ into the other players, so I guess that's why JRB is tolerated. Rob Yong handles it like a man, knowing money shipped to JRB is still available to the table, on temporary loan to JRB's ego. Not sure if Robl really stakes JRB, because that would be like setting it on fire. Watch episode 5 for the delightful sequel.

  2. 5:07 WOW!!!!
    8:07 Nice Bet!!!
    13:31 Nice Bet!!!!
    29:07 Nice Bet!!!
    32:36 Nice Bet!!!
    38:58 WOW Nice Bet!!!!!
    41:58 Nice Bet!!!
    42:59 WOW Nice Bet!!!

  3. (18:18) JRB acting comfortable AF, begging for a call . . . no tells on this guy. I'm wondering how it's possible he actually earns a living playing poker.

  4. man this show is great. the table talk happening without the commentary. if this was “high stakes ‘poker’ “ we would be forced to hear that dummy gabe with his minimum knowledge of poker and then when the money gets in they debate a chop for 20 minutes then say no followed up by running the deck 4.5 times with 2 not meaning anything. Just appreciate this true high stakes poker from triton.

  5. There's an old saying, pigs get fatter and hogs get slaughtered! JRB is a hog, never greatful for a win always wishing he could have won more. Should never be in this game. Way over his head.

  6. I always wondered why they use korean won? These are played in Macau correct?

    Edit: I guess this is played in Korea. Heard someone mention it later in the episode.

  7. randy lew gotta fix up his pronunciation or some shit. Always says ‘d’ instead of his ‘t’s’ and then when an absolutely insignificant card comes off he says oh its THE 2 of spades a perfect brick. very annoying to someone who slightly understands english.

  8. If I open a video on YouTube and Bellande is in it, I’ll move on. The guy is just super cringe, and an absolute donkey.

    The 35hh jam is probably the only video with him I’ll watch, just to see the pain.

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