37 Replies to “Playing Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2”

  1. Just sat down for a decent Texas Hold 'Em session in Red Dead 2. Was a lot of fun like Poker was fun in the first game. Mini-games like this are what every open world game needs.

  2. I love playing poker on these games. Wish they were playing draw though. It would be more accurate since Hold em wouldn't be invented for another 20 years & it's my least favorite poker game. However when you got a hankering to play poker it will do.

  3. Now I’m not a poker genius but why do you fold when you could have just checked it doesn’t cost any thing and even if they bet and your not confident in what you have then you could fold

  4. My grandmother's first husband used to play cards with cops and he got tired of my grandmother so he told her I'm going to kill you then he went and bought a 38 Super but before he went to go kill her he went to go play cards and he won like always so the cop says I'll go get the papers to the house and the cop turns around and shoot em in the face now my grandmother and my grandfather had already known each other and my grandfather was a cop so when he heard that her husband was killed he just whooped in as the friendly cop and snacked my grandmother right up

  5. I am amazed nobody has done a wild bill Hickok walk through where you just do things like play poker,gamble and occasionally shot a man and get into shit.

  6. I haven't got the slightest clue how to play poker in rdr2 or real life but i just play it in rdr2 and win anyway by pressing a load of buttons 😂

  7. Man, even in video games poker is SO boring. I played this one time in the game (not counting the story one) and won the first game, and that's all I cared to play. I don't care how much money can be won in poker, I don't know how anyone can stand playing it.

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