One of the best Poker Shows on the planet “Poker After Dark” is now on GG Poker Channel!

Jonathan Little, Faraz Jaka, Matt Affleck, Justin Saliba, James Romero, Brad Owen are starring in this episode.

The game in this episode is 6 Handed SIT-N-GO, with $5,000 Buy-in each where there is no re-entry and only winner takes all!

00:00 Intro
01:57 Match Starts
12:02 Jaka goes All in
16:35 Matt Affleck Raises his bet
18:35 Jaka $176,00 winning POT
22:15 Brad Owen recovers it
28:05 Romero wins $265,500 POT
33:17 Romero wins $322,00 POT
41:50 Brad wins $76,500 POT

Full Episodes are to be uploaded every Thursday at 4pm UTC!

All you need to do is to Subscribe and Enjoy.

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23 Replies to “Poker After Dark | Brad Owen's BIGGEST Game of His Life | Season 12 Ep. 13”

  1. Brad let his emotions get to him with those AAs because he thought he was trying to run him over which he was…and Brad wanted to make a statement not to muck with him. He saved that guy from bluffing off half his stack.

  2. Compare the characters of the old poker after dark days and today……Good players here but watching poker compared to the old days is kinda boring.

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