Today in #Fortnite #Creative we play Poker to choose our weapons we use to battle it out in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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37 Replies to “Poker…but for Loot! in Fortnite”

  1. Just came back and realized that sigils actually won the first game because he had the highest kicker which was a 9, and the kickers are usually used if there are more than two people who have the same pair, three of kind or etc, and they basically ignore the similarity and instead focus on the kicker if they don't use the all of their cards, and since Chang, SSundee, and sigils had a three of a kid 2 and they don't have a two pair, they use their kicker. In this case Chang had 3, SSundee had 5 and sigis had 9, therefore sigils won XD

  2. Is it me or does he keep making us hit the like button the only way he could of got it right is 50/100 chance but he had to create it himself

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