Poker Face 2: All In. Join us for this year’s coverage of the World Championship of Texas Hold’em Poker. We have some old sages, last year’s winner and a new face to add to the competition!

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Cast: Jason Gray, Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Matt Meese, Jeremy Warner, Stephen Meek and Adam Berg
Director: Jared Shores
Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne
Writer: Matt Meese
Editor: Yurii Hydrick

Poker Face 2: All In – Studio C


38 Replies to “Poker Face 2: All In”

  1. 2:08 Matt's brain: "Mmmm… and the Oscar goes to… me."
    Me: "The first time Matt has ever showed brilliance in a game."
    2:15 Adam's brain: Ok… you can do this…"
    Jeremy's soul: "Remain calm Adam."
    Adam's brain: "JEREMY?!"
    Me: "Is his mustache talking? Or his ashes?"

  2. Malorie: That's it, it's over, i wonder how much i could get for one of my kidneys.

    Me: wut

    Malorie: Like The Wind UwU

    Me: Ah yes that's what i was looking for thx Malorie-San OwO

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