In this video I breakdown how to look at a poker hand using ranges and how that has developed over the years. I no longer only think about my hand vs. my opponents hand, but now look at the ranges of hands we could both have in that spot. I touch briefly on counting combinations and their importance in determining ranges. Finally, I talk about how blocker’s change the possible combinations an opponent could have. Coming soon we’ll release some live hands I recently played and dissect the ranges.


20 Replies to “Poker Ranges Explained”

  1. In the example it's only a coin flip between ak and jj pre flop right? If the flop is out with only two cards to come it wouldn't be a coin flip then right?

  2. Been playing a couple months but been learnin alot from ya thanks. Havnt won my regular game yet but almost. Got 4th last time had aces over jacks. Lost to aces kings over aces.

  3. Thanks for this Daniel. I was really big into poker pre-2009 but have not paid attention to it for a long time. You have always been one of my favorite players and this is like having you as a coach!

  4. Love the videos. Some move a little quick for dumb old me BUT I do have the advantage of the pause feature to stop it and allow a strategy to sink in a little before moving on. You are the one guy I will always stop whatever I’m doing to watch you play. You’re incredibly entertaining to watch with all your chatter.

  5. I honestly feel like you kinda overstated it there, Dnegs. It's really all down to "what are the odds of my hand against the potential hand of my opponent." STILL COMIN AFTER YA DNEGS, ILL BE IN VEGAS IN 2 WEEKS! YOUR BANKROLL WILL BE MINE! Respectfully.

  6. and btw, here is a video where he literally does the opposite of heat he says in this video So if the big mathematical "range" if probably 45 hands that beat your 8's, why do you pay an all in bet?

  7. Or the guy has a pair of 7s and he likes them and slowly drifts into the hand. This is silly. All this high math mumbo jumbo assumes each player is acting like one another in a perfectly rational way.

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