The partypoker Premier League Mixed Game edition features 12 of the hottest players in the world battling it out not only in the more traditional Texas Hold’ Em but also in Pot Limit Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha. Initially split into two groups of six, based on their finishing points, the top three from each group will meet in the final where $100,000 will go to the champion from the total prize fund of $300,000.

00:00 Intro
06:55 Shuffle up and deal
49:38 End of session standings

PLAYERS in this episode: Tony Guoga aka Tony G, Luke Schwartz, James Dempsey, Max Pescatori, Matt Giannetti, Jennifer Tilly

COMMENTARY by Jesse May and Sorel Mizzi

PRESENTER – Kara Scott

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23 Replies to “Premier League Poker Mixed Game Championship EP1 | Full Episode | Tournament Poker | partypoker”

  1. Well, you wasted the first 3 minutes showing us all of the antisocial reasons for bailing. And then lagged with another 4 minutes of hype.

  2. I love how savage Jesse May was in this episode. Schwartz mocks him for his excitable style, Jesse just ignores that and immediately states 'Schwartz is yet to win a major title'. Awesome!

  3. Mixed game championship? Oh mixed GAMES….ha. 'will I be shot, like goodfather'. Schwartz ya mook, it's godfather…. Jennifer, centrifugal force throws you away..not towards.

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