We all know by now that Rampage Poker loves to fire some huge bluffs. This time he runs into the force that is Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein on the Hustler Casino Live stream. Will this huge bluff in a $150,000 pot get through in the largest game of his life?

This poker hand starts with a standard raise from Rampage on the button and a 3-bet from Garrett in the Big Blind. From there Rampage decides to crank up the aggression and put Garrett to the test with a huge bluff on the river with just five high!

I talk about the poker strategy on figuring out how to determine what bet sizes you should use at the poker table and which hands are the best ones to bluff with!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for letting me review this video!

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38 Replies to “RAMPAGE BLUFFS In A $150,000 Pot! [LARGEST Game Of His LIFE]”

  1. Personally I am not big fan of these very low suited connectors. Sure they sometimes hit nice but very very often you are just in nasty spots yourself. Especially versus loose aggressive competent player who also has mid high suited connectors in his 3bet range. On flop I would just check. So many better combos to use. Once you do bet then turn and river is reasonable but imo just kind of unnecessary spot to get into.

  2. Maybe I'm wrong here – but doesn't this seem like if you're gonna bluff on this river you would want to do a pretty big over bet? The board is SO connected that's it's pretty much impossible for Garrett not to have a value hand – and most of those value hands are trips and straights, because we would expect Garret to raise his sets on the turn in order to have a rivered full house. If I'm sitting there with a full house, I'm thinking Garrett has a fair amount of straights and trips, especially since I'd be blocking a lot of the busted two pairs. PLUS there's a lot of missed draws, so there's a lot of potential bluffs. To me this means I want to move the calling odds up as close to 50/50 as can I get. $65k makes more sense to me. And then for bluffs I need to have blockers to the 9, or maybe blockers to JT, along with compound draws – so A8 hearts, QJ hearts, hands like that.

  3. I like the flop bet with 5h4h. It gives Rampage a great combo to bluff with when both front door draws come in. I'd prefer a bigger flop bet size, so it's easier to threaten stacks on river without a huge overbet. Rampage should have way more Q9s and 97s in his range, so he's got a big nuttiness advantage on the flop.

    Turn seems like the one street no one can disagree on.

    I also like the river bet with 54, and think it can go into either sizing bucket. It's great to have boat blockers, but does Rampage end up with all that many pairs w/o a straight after taking this line?

  4. Of course since it's against Garrett he doesn't make his flush. I swear Garrett never gets outdrawn and he also usually makes his hand when he needs to.

  5. Since Rampage is known too bluff so hard he needs to overbet shove the river here for bluffs and value. What good player wants to fold any of the strong hands they could have on this board to a pot-sized bet from Rampage?

  6. Let’s stop calling Rampage’s play a bluff and call it what it really is and that’s a punt.

    Trying that play against Garrett is pure recklessness IMO.

  7. First time I feel confident enough to disagree. Think the bluff is bad by rampage. Tried to bluff the wrong player with the wrong story. Rampage probably should’ve checked to hope to pick up at least a better story.

  8. Not much Rampage could do there sometimes it is correct to bluff and they just happen to be in the part of their range that is never folding. Was definitely interesting to hear about the flop bluff just not being correct and the river sizing considerations.

    As for the pinned question, I exclusively play low stakes games with friends (I just find the game theory behind poker strategy particularly interesting so I love your content nonetheless). My biggest bluffs were a few days ago (and no neither of them got through). First was for 44 big blinds all in on an 8 high flop (so I guess technically a semi-bluff, but definitely the lowest equity semi-bluff I would have bet with), and I was tank called. Then later that night I potted it with a 4 high on the river in a SB v BB scenario and was basically snap called by A high.

  9. You really think Rampage played it well? I thought that was borderline awful. Basically got snap called and lost big.

    Pretty easy call for Garrett because there are so few hands that actually beat him.

  10. The “$150,000” part of the video title is very misleading! When Rampage bluffed, the pot was about $56,000. And only AFTER Garrett called was the pot $150,000.

  11. Rampage's problem is he is not asking himself "what did Garrett just call two streets with? Is he trapping me? What can I get him to fold? " It didn't look like he ever put him on a hand other than a draw. A trap was a possibility with Garrett being out of position.
    Checks are traditionally a weak play. Garrett is not a weak player.
    Check/calls from strong players gets my spidey senses tingling.
    Take the free card on river but It is ok to find a better spot.
    I love that Rampage has the balls. Just add a little brains.

  12. Everyone in the comments saying this was a bad bluff on the river, but JL said he would have went half pot or full pot on the river 🤷🏻‍♂️.. is it a bad play or a good play? At what spot or scenario is it a check on the river and you give up? Did rampage ask himself with that sizing on the river “will better hands fold”? I think the size to possibly get him off the straight is an oversized bet possibly All In?

  13. I think to save some time everybody should pay Garrett 10 to 20k each before the night begins and give his place to some other guy. They'd make more money like this over the long run by playing somebody else than Garrett, and they'll reduce variance by splitting the loss.

  14. Commonly go for the overbet bluff on the river whenever I'm sitting with important nut blockers… might be overbluffing but the massive bet sizes make it easier to balance the range so I can have almost 50/50 bluffs to value so I just do massive bets with nutty hands and nut blockers… at the micros/lows people will make huge mistakes when facing an overbet so as a naturally bluffy player it seems to be easier for me to use this massive sizing to bluff with the maximum amount of hands. However I do tend to suck against trappy players and find players like Rampage relatable. Something I'm working on.

  15. The problem was Rampage showed his bluff earlier. I pretty much never show my bluffs but if I do, or get caught, I would want to nit up and get paid if I hit a monster.

  16. I like the play pre flop super deep. If I’m rampage I don’t want to inflate the pot here. Im checking behind on the flop. Check calling a reasonable bet on the turn, check calling or folding if I miss on the river. I wouldn’t want to put my stack at risk on this board and run out.

  17. I think Rampage should give up on river. What do we anticipate that Garrett is calling on the turn with? We block hearts so all Rampage can get to fold are busted diamonds and maybe some 1p hands…..If Garrett has 2p+ here that bet is getting called a lot of the time.

  18. Everyone knows rampage loves bluffing and while that may get him a lot more value when he has a monster I don't think that offsets all the times when he doesn't and is just punt bluffing, therefore he should probab;y adjust( tighten up his image) when playing sucha highstakes against wordclass players

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