🔱 The last episode of the Short Deck Cash Game from Triton Jeju 2019 sees a continuation of the intense action, as well as the biggest pot of the night.

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34 Replies to “Short Deck Cash Game Episode 4 – Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2019”

  1. 6:25 it is a value bet. What kind of hand is donking on the board except for draws two pairs, sets or top pairs. Betting the turn make sense. CHECKING the river. No more flush no more full house, two pair hands are dead.
    We only lose to little possibly of straight.
    Betting the river with that size definitely is a value bet.

  2. 6:18 Nice Bet

    18:24 Nice Bet!!! 19:15 WOW!!!

    28:50 WOW!!!!!6:18 Nice Bet

    18:24 Nice Bet!!! 19:15 WOW!!!

    28:50 WOW!!! Nice Bet!!! 30:23 WOW!!!

    33:19 Good Bet 33:32 WOW!!!

    42:13 Good Bet!!! 43:46 WOW!!!!!

  3. 6:25 'turning his kings into a bluff here' – uhhh no he isn't… what's he trying to get to fold that he isn't beating??? It's a value bet ffs

  4. Can we all take a moment to appreciate Tom Dwan is playing TV cash games again. After all these years I'd thought surely we had lost him to the mysterious closed door private games and the barrier afforded by great financial gain.

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