Flyinghazard asks “What are your thoughts on tournament poker vs cash games? Also, why don’t you make videos about tournament play?” SplitSuit shares his thoughts on the differences and explains why he prefers cash game play.

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15 Replies to “Should I Play Cash Or Tournament Poker? | Ask SplitSuit”

  1. Cash games are more "real poker," as in, there's no special tournament dynamics at play, it's just some guys (or girls) sitting at a table. Cash games also usually have much friendlier and more energetic atmospheres, although that of course depends on the people at the table.

    Tournaments are special in their own way in that there's a lot more hype surrounding them. There's a special excitement that comes with going deep in a tournament and having a chance to cash for big bucks. The ever-changing blind amounts (which obviously don't exist in cash games) add a different dimension to it and in many ways forces to play, you can't just sit there and wait for a big hand otherwise you'll just get blinded out. The chips in front of you become a lot more meaningful in tournaments.

    All in all, both games have their own advantages and disadvantages and it's all a matter of preference in the end. I like to play a mix of both. Cash games might be more "authentic" poker in a way, but tournaments have that special buzz that cash games simply don't provide.

  2. I played my first tourney last Wednesday , 2 days after I turned 21 and I will never put so much mental energy into cash again. I love the math and fact you need to always be ready for the blinds to change. Very good at understanding short stack play and really just like everything about it better. There was 360 players and I cashed in 36 my first one. Looking fwd to playing a lot more. Personally they work better for me

  3. You look absolutely nothing like how I pictured you. You have a voice similar to one of my coworkers and when I hear it, I only see his face. This video makes it look like you're lip-syncing to me.

    Anyway, thanks so much for everything you've done, your videos have made me a much better player!

  4. Thanks for the videos splitsuit, they've been really helpful for me in understanding some of the fundamentals and different lines. 

    Being primarily an amateur cash game player myself who dabbles in tournaments once in a while, what I find for tournys is that the way it is structured requires you to have a more rounded skill set. I don't mean anything like cash games require less skill, but generally what I find is that for tournaments, the early stages with deep stacks primarily favour cash game style of play. The middle stages of the tournament is usually the hardest and often favours tournament players. The late stages of the tournament  and FT ultimately favour sit and go type players, and needless to say heads up experience is crucial to win the tournament itself.

    Also the structure of the tournament matters heavily to your skill level. If you find that you have a skill edge against most of the field you are better off tourny structures with longer blind levels, and conversely you might want to opt for turbo or hyper turbo tournaments when the players are of a higher skill level. 

    Generally I'm not a big fan of daily tournaments at the casinos, but I enjoy playing the big ones with 100+ entrants; more for the atmosphere and for the fun of it rather than to earn money off poker tournys

  5. Completily agree with you.
    you could win two tournaments and earn more than one month playing cash.
    also i've heard that the downswings on tournamnets could be longer than cash games. it is true? or what do you think about?
    Thanks for the great video.

  6. What are your thoughts on Gripsed?  I enjoy his videos as well as yours; he seems like a great coach and a great person.  He has a lot of videos about cash games as well and seems to play a bit more on the LAG side than I would in the lower limits.

  7. Hey man I've been tilting so much lately and not caring about spewing cash. Is there anyway of helping me control my tilt and how long of a session i should be playing in general to control my losses and winnings? Thanks man.

  8. hey man, i've been a subscriber for a while and i find your videos very usefull, congrats
    i was wondering if you give coach lessons, specially for micro/low cash games

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