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35 Replies to “SIDEMEN $5,000 POKER NIGHT (with Lux & Freezy)”

  1. If anybody is confused at all at any time stamp, just reply to this and I can answer your question, been playing poker for years now and understand the game well!

  2. Can y'all do this again please for like a sidemen Sunday irl? With any luck y'all have learned to play by now and we can see some real poker bahahaha would be jokes

  3. Ok. I know how to play poker. So I don't understand who won some of the hands based on the cards. I saw Vik, Tobi, and Simon get screwed out of payouts that they won.

  4. ik none of them are good at poker…

    but behz at 17:20 asking why Josh played that hand like that is so dumb, Josh was right to play that hand confidently cause if there was a 5 or 9 put on the table he would have had a straight and won the pot.

    also, going all in on pocket aces pre-flop was also a dumb idea

  5. Dude jj is special 🤦🏽‍♂️. When he has no cards he goes all in. Once he has 100% chance of winning he checks. You’re killing me.

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