In this video I share the top 5 moves you need to know to win at poker in 2021. The poker landscape is always changing. The game has evolved heaps since I began in 2005, and if you want to win in today’s environment you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Top 5 Poker Tips of 2021:
5. Check for Balance
4. Downbet + Overbet
3. Cold 4-Bett (Bluff)
2. Game Select
1. Practice Bankroll Management

TOP 5 POKER MOVES in 2019:
How to Manage Your Bankroll Like a Pro:
How To Reduce Variance In Poker:

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35 Replies to “The 5 best tips to win at poker in 2021 | [Texas Holdem]”

  1. Great info even for a veteran. Read Dan Harrington's books if you like slow play.

    In today's aggressive play sometimes that check will tell you a lot about opponents.

  2. I slightly disagree with number 2, you dont wanna get stuck playing a certain skill lvl you want to keep challenging yourself in my opinion

  3. 0:20 This is why I like Alec: he proudly displays, for no particular reason, how he runs like a girl and doesn't care what y'all think about it!

  4. So I'm looking to get back at it after a few years off. 1-2 live is my game and going back to start up. Question is bankroll. I keep hearing I need a 20 or more buyin bank roll which would be 10k or more . Well I don't just have 10k as I have kids wife job ect. Is it ok to take 4 or 500 and start or should I save up the 10k before starting?

  5. Stupid ads, I HAVE forgotten crypto (sorry about that, ). I like 5 player fast. Nice someone else who uses psychology ( I work in psychotherapy so I like using psychology) and profiling. I'm so tight it annoys people sometimes, lol. Thanks for your great video Alex

  6. my strategy is simple, raise a lil before the flop when u have a poor hand and if the flop comes in ur favor raise a little bit more, but when u have a great hand lets say a pair of aces just simply call or check especially when u see the flop looking sloppy because eventually someone is going to raise and if not at least there's not much money in the pot so try folding n don't let them see ur hand. keep that up until they start raising high, then when u clearly see u got this one raise big on the last call and you'll be satisfied. the only thing with this strategy is that it takes time, but at least you'll win for the most part. at the end of the day the most patient player always win 😉. i hope my tip is helpful and thank you for sharing.. (add on) n one more thing.. try not to bluff too much because that for me mostly fails, only bluff when there's not much money in the pot n show other players ur hand so they can think ur a bluffer then u can throw them off thinking u may be bluffing again and they'll go all in n u take everything from them lolz.

  7. I am an average recreational player – mainly $4-$8 LHE. I find game selection to be particularly important. As a regular at the casino, you get to know the loose, passive players. I always try to change tables to be with them. The downside is that the guys I like to play / talk with are the better players, so the camaraderie is much less playing with the fish.

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