This iconic poker game goes back many decades and was once upon a time only the toughest players dared to play it! No Limit Hold’em ultimately took over and became the preferred game for the WSOP Main Event but the legacy of No Limit 2-7 Single Draw lives on as being one of the most thrilling games in poker. Watch the 2021 WSOP final table right now featuring Benny Glaser, Farzad Bonyadi, Johannes Becker, Dustin Dirksen, and Jake Schwartz.

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28 Replies to “The Best Bluffing Game in Poker? | 2021 WSOP”

  1. Super cool variant. Commentator bro knows his stuff too, that was interesting! That last play, tanking the 9 so your opponent mistakingly pats a 10 is the kind of stuff you have to learn from someone else because you would never pick it up yourself!

  2. This is true poker. I love all poker games and these other games are way more entertaining than boring 2 card NL .. this and triple draw are both amazing to watch

  3. I like sweating it together. That was funny. Good group of guys and I’ve enjoyed watching the various forms other than PLO and NLH. I think my favorite is easily Hi/Lo variants that I can’t get my normal group of NLH buddies to play.

  4. This is a real thinking mans poker game for sure. Lots of interesting big spots develop where you have to make big bluffs or big calls a lot.

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