Play starts – 00:00:50
Blinds: $200/$400/$800 – $500/$500/$1000
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Sam Trickett,Rob Yong,Yair ‘The Wolf’ Bitoun,Leon Tsoukernik,Matt Kirk,


Simon Trumper,James Dempsey,


13 Replies to “The Big Game Montreal | Day 2/3 | Full Stream | PLO Cash Poker | partypoker”

  1. when i watch this, i think i would never like to be a gambler like them,, they all look sick….really sad, and this is not poker, its bingo gamblers…..

  2. I would never want to say a bad thing about Leon I would love it if he was one of my buddies buy me into massive that being said watching Leon win the late pot it shows you who the real professionals are well-done tricky that was a tough group of fish to try to take down all at once

  3. Wolf you stupid player , pot is 170k and you only have 31k left and a flush draw and you fold it . And why would you always wanna see the river 😂😂😂, you destroy your soul like this I would leave the table and go home if I were you

  4. can anybody tells me what is happening when one of the table tells “ i will text you” ?? and why they use this slang? for sending money??

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