Play starts – 00:00:00
Blinds: $500/$1000/$2000
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Sam Trickett,Rob Yong,Yair ‘The Wolf’ Bitoun,Leon Tsoukernik,Matt Kirk,


Simon Trumper,James Dempsey,


24 Replies to “The Big Game Montreal | Day 3/3 | Full Stream | PLO Cash Poker | partypoker”

  1. The whining and winching the last hour is pathetic. These guys are multi millionaires. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  2. So sick. I dont think I've ever seen somebody run so bad. Not only running bad but Matt was playing bad to compound it. Omaha Is a cold game but so much better than hold em imo

  3. hate that matt guy …but gotta say ,he lost a lot of hands unlucky …at one point he is complaining about losing to 3 diff flushes with his set…had to laugh…thats regular in online omaha 🤣🤣

  4. I think Matt Who made over 200 Million with BitCoin has been DRUGGED with what they call a JAR , He thinks He is in Control , Lost 4.7 Million in two days

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