Play starts – 03:15
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Kara Scott,


Sam Trickett,Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates,Phil Laak,Tony G,JP Kelly,Toderita Catalin,Sorel Mizzi,Ignat ‘0human0’ Liviu,


Jesse May,Alec Torelli,


15 Replies to “The Big Game | S6 EP07 | Full Episode | Cash Poker | partypoker”

  1. Normally I really like Phil Laak, I like his style of play and his banter etc. But this whole game so far he is running so ridiculously well, flopping sets, straights all over the place and getting dealt aces etc – it's so easy to play poker when it's like that. I actually feel myself wanting him to start losing it all back to deserving players like Sam who are good players but have run so bad but kept their composure and determination.

  2. thanks fir the upload, i enjoy watching this shit a lot. and sorry Kara, i always skip your part and fast forward to the game, this doesn't mean i don't appreciate your part, interviews maybe horrible for the players right after they are out, but fun for the viewers, you are the best

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