Play starts – 03:45
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Kara Scott


Faraz Jaka,Tony G,Adria Balaguer,Scott Baumstein,Toby Lewis,Raul Mestre,Alec Torelli,Max Pescatori,


Jesse May,Simon Deadman,


44 Replies to “The Big Game | S7 EP01 | Full Episode | Cash Poker | partypoker”

  1. I like torelli he seems like a genuinely good guy and obviously a great player but his style can be so hit and miss. Dude dressing like its a 1920s mob film


  2. 5/20k limit? Remember the loose cannon $100k+ sessions? This is little stakes, big ego. What's a sponsored pro? Like a guy who gets paid to wear a hat? Glad that clarified it. Really? A canuck interviewer.

  3. Spoilers – don't read if you haven't seen this yet. I've been enjoying it this cash game, I've seen a ton but haven't seen this season. First Jaka was caught bluffing and everyone knew he was playing super loose, then Baumstein started to own Toreli (first by a donk hit) and then by playing really good poker and Toreli was starting to tilt… He was really starting to own and pick on Toreli in pots. Really weird to see Toreli tilt that badly, because he always seems to come back and play well.

    Then Tony G gets in there, makes a valid point about straddling because Lewis chose not to straddle (yeah its his choice but he was putting on the peer pressure on Lewis) but Tony G takes it 1000 times over board, Pescatelli eventually agrees with G and they both put pressure on Lewis (who just decided he didn't want to straddle one time) … then Mestre decides he wants to quit because Lewis didn't straddle… Then finally the viewers vote and sure enough they should be voting off … Lewis… lol or so it would seem.. but their hate for Toreli (even though he was totally on TILT and donating) the viewers hate for Toreli was too strong… and they voted him off!! So Toreli never got the chance to UNTILT… (he always seems to get himself out of trouble) And then to add injury to insult… Mestre just leaves anyways after the vote … hahaha – and Toreli has to leave anyways… and Lewis gets to stay… hahaha – the best commentary is between the players!! The announcers just have to let it happen!

    Look at the face of Lewis at: 1:34:36 – hahaha

  4. old content? iv seen this tony g outburst before somewhere, another g classic, wasnt quite sure what he was exactly saying, but got the cliff notes down

  5. Even the masseuse was laughing at Tony G's rant, daim he can be a real dick at the table but thats why we love him 😂. One of my all time favorites!

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