Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, give their five best tips for winning at video poker. Topics covered include: getting a player’s club card; checking pay tables; finding the best video poker games; learning and practicing the correct strategies; and only playing when there are casino promotions available.

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29 Replies to “The Five Best Tips To Win at Video Poker!”

  1. 3:34 no it's not against game regulations. They will do switch in order to have the edge over you. There is no game regulator seating there to watch when the house switch the game. You guys only read the rules…not the actual functioning of the machine. Stop misleading people, preaching the truth behind the curtain.

  2. This is comical if you think that gaming control is honest think again. They stand behind these casinos that constantly are doing dishonest things.

  3. Get up and walk away , after 7 – 10 hands . Always hold for the highest hand . If you have a low pair and a 3 card flush , go for the flush . Hold the ace not the low pair . Go for the highest hand in VP . VP is not like playing , a real poker game . Go for highest possible hand all the time . Don't play safe in VP . Leave the machine after a set amount of hands : 10 or less . Don't be sucked into staying at the same machine all night .The more machines you play the higher your odds at winning . Keep moving and walk away , when you're ahead .

  4. Draft kings sportsbook/casino just opened in Michigan back on February 1st. I just checked there video poker for jacks or better at $1 bet pay table is 9/4, Jacks better bonus 8/5, Bonus poker deluxe 9/6, double bonus 9/7, double double bonus 9/6, triple double bonus 9/7, duces wild 4/3, duces wild bonus 4/3, joker poker 7/5. So the best four to play in order based of your pay table are #1. double bonus poker at 9/7, #2. Triple double bonus 9/7, #3. Bonus poker deluxe 9/6, and #4. Double double bonus 9/6.

  5. I have two questions. I am totally blind and I use the iPhone with voice over. Are there any video poker software packages for the iPhone which are compatible with voice over? Two, let's say I have ten dollars. If I put one in the machine and win, what's the pay off? Is it even money or one to one, meaning I win one coin making it eleven dollars Or even money meaning I still have the original ten? Thanks

  6. I am so tired of losing at slots so I will now play video poker. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I do use a players card and get moreplay, rooms and food all the time. I would like to win some money for a change instead of just always donating

  7. I'm watching this because I was playing video poker on gta san andreas and it was like printing money. I understand that's a video game but if the pay out is the same then I feel like a fish for playing hold em when this was right there

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