38 Replies to “Tom Dwan Getting Into MASSIVE Asian Poker Games”

  1. Good to hear commentary around the social side of poker. It really is going to be the gel that keeps players coming back. This hiatus hopefully has given the "young bucks" a chance to reflect on etiquette, a quick wit, humor, and how insignificant one poker play is in the long run.

  2. talking about stare downs my opinion him and ivey are the best at staring which would be my #1 question to Tom would be where does he go during those stares haha

  3. Dude. Dial the shtick back. Bein “hip” is an adolescent concern. Put your lid on right, quit tryin ta make like you’re a big wheel. The cultivated breeziness. 🥱 🥴

  4. The new high stakes poker season 8 sucks…. 3 episodes in an nothings happened basically… sorry for the spoilers… but better get better… worse then season 7 at this rate….

  5. Nick, every single sentence is you know you like, kinda like, you don't really like tournies, you kinda like avoided them or not really, cause its kinda like… jesus dude, is this how grown men talk now?

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