Tom Dwan, Jean-Robert Bellande, and Lynne Ji clash in a whopping $985,000 pot on the new season of High Stakes Poker!

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23 Replies to “Tom Dwan's Biggest High Stakes Poker Pot Ever!”

  1. The QT shove and the QQ call both make sense to me. The positions and preflop actions of each player are critical.

    She shoved QTs because JRB is capable of squeezing lightly, and Durr is capable of punishing that with a light squeeze of his own. She was attempting to punish them both, by feigning as though she had limp trapped with AA, just as Durr limp trapped with QQ.

    I'd rather have 67s or 78s for her jam, because she's blocking the hands she wants people to fold, but it's an incredibly solid spot. It's impressive that Durr figured that out in real time.

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