🔱 The one you’ve been patiently waiting for, here is Episode 1 of the epic Triton Poker Montenegro 2019 No Limit Hold’em Cash Game, featuring 8 incredible stars and the legend that is Tony G.

📅 Event: Triton Poker Montenegro 2019
📌 Location: Maestral Resort and Casino, Montenegro

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39 Replies to “Triton Poker NLHE Cash Game Montenegro 2019 – Episode 1”

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  2. Tony G is polarizing as hell. He can be very enter but can also cross over to just pure obnoxious. I think he’s a net positive to the game.

  3. Did Tony G throw those folded cards at the dealer, looks like he's blaming his loss on the dealer, he better not be rude to the dealer that might keep him out of future games there

  4. 又有一個印度有錢人被它們千了。除了洗黑錢的人渣會去,一般的人有那個財富的,頭腦好,是不可能去當傻瓜的。沒有一個老闆去做投資報酬率O的事情。就像台灣的彩券,美國人是公開露面來証明,台灣呢?連彩球都是在快要開獎時,從庫房內取出,而且是買彩券截止的八點以後近八點半開獎,而不是當天開獎時上午就展示在現場,所以大獎有人能中嗎?電腦計算出來的數字組合,以最低獎金分析,要真正開出有人中大獎,預先公差已經在預計開獎號碼的地方等號碼然後在接近八點前簽注。

  5. You guys have free content???? This is awesome and much needed. Pokergo tries to squeeze every penny out of its audience…..the ultimate rake lol

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