♠♥♣♦ Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2018

EVENT: No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – Ep. #3

BUY-IN: ₩ 1,000,000,000 (≈$1,000,000) for 1,000,000,000 chips – unlimited re-entry

CHIPS: Red = ₩ 1M (≈$1,000) Yellow= ₩ 10M (≈$10,000) Blue = ₩ 100M (≈$100,000)

📌 Location: Landing Casino – Jeju, South Korea

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26 Replies to “Triton Poker Super High Roller Jeju 2018 Cash Game – Episode 3”

  1. Anyone else watching episode 1 and 2 in anticipation for Eltons stack to crumble faster than the Twin Towers? Announcers saying he was playing great. Dude was hitting flops against opponents missing draws. Without hitting flops, turns and rivers he makes bad plays. Sure enough, stack goes bye bye.

  2. That move Tan made was REALLY GOOD (against anyone who isn't a BILLIONAIRE.)
    Any pro who leans towards exploitative-play (as opposed to GTO) probably folds there.

  3. Do you really think there is absolutely no collaboration between the asian players
    Playing at this level should be heads up. Too much money involved.

  4. Elton is idiot!!! Elton's bluff in such position, when Paul committed over $300 K already with full house, is total idiotic move- no justification for losing of over $1 million!!!! They call them-self as poker stars but some of them are IDIOTS!

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