Casino executive and WSOP legend Bobby Baldwin gets into a heated pot against Andy Zang for a pot exceeding $500,000. While Zang tanks against a huge river bet, Bobby tries to talk him into making the wrong play.

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44 Replies to “Two BILLIONAIRES Play A $725,400 Game Of Poker”

  1. I feel clickbaited 👎 Zang looks just like Elon Musk in the thumbnail, which is who I thought would be featured in this hand. Nice slow roll, Doug

  2. I love how baldwin put zhang on 10s at the end. Calls pot size bet to a SB lead into 5 people on a Q24 rainbow flop then proceeds to bet half put when checked to on turn. Makes sense

  3. Live read comment: On the turn, Baldwin and JRB both check, and you see Zang stare-stare-stare at the board before betting. This is a classic tell that he's drawing, right out of Caro's book. Baldwin probably picked up on it and shoved. You can tell from his table talk as Zang tanks that he knows exactly what time it is.

  4. You talk wayyy too much. Commentate the game give your points not have it all you with a few poker hands squeezed in, there’s a huge difference.

  5. Can you change the format of these to show the whole hand first then analyze it at the end? I like how you break each section up but it would be nice to see the whole hand first!

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